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From disposable batteries to hybrid

<>Hybrid batteries are a completely new technology that uses the best of rechargeable batteries and combines them with the best of alkaline batteries. Hybrid batteries have a very low self-discharge rate compared with Alkaline batteries.


This type of battery is ready for use directly after unpacking, because they are charged from the factory. Even after 1 year there will still be power on the battery.
Hybrid batteries can be recharged 500-1000 times. It makes good sense economically and shows environmental consideration. The amount of waste from one hybrid battery is 30g, while 1000 alkaline batteries produce no less than 25kg of waste, so to be good to the environment you should consider using hybrid batteries!
Hybrid batteries are ideal for all standard appliances:  Remote controls, toys, radios, alarm clocks, wireless mice, wireless keyboards, wireless phones, baby monitors. They also function well in high-tech appliances: Digital cameras, MP3 Players, and CD Players!

On the graph below you can see that Panasonic eneloop (a hybrid battery) keeps the voltage higher than traditional rechargeable batteries during use. That gives you two advantages. Firstly, the battery can be used in devices that are very sensitive to the difference in voltage of disposable batteries (1.5V) and rechargeable batteries (1.2V). Secondly, there is less waste of energy. The shaded areas, where the tension has fallen so much that the equipment cannot operate any longer, has to be as small as possible, because this energy cannot be exploited and will therefore go to waste. In the illustration below you can see that Panasonic eneloop has far less energy waste than conventional rechargeable batteries.


We recommend that you gradually replace all your rechargeable batteries with rechargeable hybrid batteries - and that you stop using disposable batteries all together. It is good both for the environment and your wallet in the long run. Now there's no excuse not to use hybrid batteries.


We recommend:

- Panasonic eneloop


Panasonic eneloop is produced in three different versions, so you can get the battery that fits your exact needs:

eneloop lite - is a light version of the original eneloop batteries. They are designed especially for appliances that use little power over a longer period of time. eneloop lite is ideal for all standard appliances: Remote controls, toys, radios, clocks, cordless phones.


eneloop, is an alround battery which can be used in appliances that use both little and high amounts of power. eneloop is ideal for all standard appliances: Remote controls, toys, radios, clocks, aswell as high tech appliances such as: Digital camerals MP3-players and CD-players. Especially ideal for digital cameras.


eneloop Pro is a high capacity battery of 2500 mAh. It has the highest capacity available for hybrid batteries. Pro is ideal for high tech appliances, that use a lot of power in a relatively short amount of time, such as: Digital cameras, toys and flash.


NOTE: Of course you can use your old charger for Ni-MH batteries - no need to buy a new charger.


We hope that you will be inspired by this article to make an environmentally friendly and economical choice the next time you need to buy batteries. :-)